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The Compleat Klezmer
by Henry Sapoznik, Pete Sokolow
(via UK, via Europe)

Ein klassischer Klezmer
von Alex Jacobowitz
(Auf Deutsch)
(via Europe)

Klezmer! From Old World to Our World
by Henry Sapoznik
(via UK, via Europe)

Klezmer Music:
A Marriage of Heaven & Earth

Book and CD

Klezmer- Musik
von Rita Ottens, Joel Rubin
(Auf Deutsch)
(via Europe)

Vagabond Stars: A World History of Yiddish Theater
(Judaic Traditions in Literature, Music, and Art)

by Nahma Sandrow
(via UK, via Europe)


Jewish Music

The Music of Israel:
From the Biblical Era to Modern Times

by Peter E. Gradenwitz
(via UK, via Europe)

Let Jasmine Rain Down:
Song and Remembrance Among Syrian Jews

by Kay Kaufman Shelemay
(via UK, via Europe)

Jewish Music: In Its Historical Development
by Abraham Zebi Idelsohn
(via UK, via Europe)

Jewish Music: Its History, People, and Song
by Ronald H. Isaacs
(via UK, via Europe)

Jewish Musical Traditions
by Amnon Shiloah
(via UK)

Passport to Jewish Music
by Irene Heskes
(via UK, via Europe)

The World Centre for Jewish Music
in Palestine, 1936-1940: Jewish Musical Life
on the Eve of World War II

by Philip Vilas Bohlman
(via UK)