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Bob Marley
by Stephen Davis (Editor)
(via UK)

Bob Marley (Black Americans of Achievement)
Sean Dolan, Nathan Irvin Huggins, Coretta Scott King
(via Europe)

NEW! Bob Marley, Island Prophet
by Mitchell Uscher

Bob Marley in His Own Words
by Ian McCann
(via UK, via Europe)

Bob Marley (Modern Icons)
by Scotty Bennett
(via Europe)

Bob Marley: A Rebel Life: A Photobiography 1973-1980
by Dennis Morris
(via Europe)

Bob Marley: Reggae King of the World
by Malika Lee Whitney, Dermott Hussey, Rita Marley
(via UK, via Europe)

Bob Marley: Songs of Freedom
by Adrian Boot, Chris Salewicz, Rita Marley
(via UK, via Europe)

Bob Marley: Spirit Dancer
by Bruce W. Talamon (Photographer), Roger Steffens (Designer)
(via UK, via Europe)

Bob Marley:The Wailing Soul:
The Stories Behind Every Song

by Maureen Sheridan
(via Europe)

NEW! Bob Marley (They Died Too Young)
by Millie Gilfoyle

Catch a Fire: The Life of Bob Marley
by Timothy White
(via UK, via Europe)

Complete Guide to the Music of Bob Marley
by Ian McCann
(via Europe)

Marley and Me: The Real Bob Marley Story
by Don Taylor, Mike Henry
(via Europe)

On Racial Frontiers: The New Culture of Frederick
Douglass, Ralph Ellison and Bob Marley

by Gregory Stephens
(via UK, via Europe)