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Ancient Echoes:
The Anasazi Book of Chants

by Mary Summer Rain
(via UK)

American Indian Poetry:
An Anthology of Songs and Chants

by George W. Cronyn, Kenneth Lincoln

New! The Art of the Native American Flute
by R. Carlos Nakai

New! Cantares Mexicanos: Songs of the Aztecs
by John Bierhorst

Chants and Prayers
by Stan Padilla

Choctaw Music and Dance
by James H. Howard, Victoria Lindsay Levine
(via UK)

The Crooked Stovepipe:
Athapaskan Fiddle Music and Square Dancing
in Northeast Alaska and Northwest Canada

by Craig Mishler

A Cry from the Earth:
Music of North American Indians

by John Bierhorst

New! Earth Healing Boxed Set:
Healing Music from the Zen,
Native American, and Shona Traditions

Audio CD and Guide

A Guide to Native American Music Recordings
by Greg Gombert

The Hako: Song, Pipe, and Unity
in a Pawnee Calumet Ceremony

by Alice C. Fletcher

Indian Story and Song from North America
by Alice C. Fletcher

Indian Games and Dances
With Native Songs: Arranged from
American Indian Ceremonials and Sports

by Alice C. Fletcher

New! Listen to the Storyteller:
A Trio of Tales from Around the World

by Kristin Balouch (Children's book)

New! Iroquois Music and Dance:
Ceremonial Arts of 2 Seneca Longhouses

by Gertrude P. Kurath

Manito Masks: Dramatizations,
With Music, of American Indian Spirit Legends

by Hartley Alexander

Moving Within the Circle: Contemporary
Native American Music and Dance

by Bryan Burton

New! Music of the North American
Indians for Acoustic Guitar
(Book/CD set)
by Steven Eckels

New! Native American Cross Stitch
by Julie S. Hasler, Julia Hasler

Native American Music Directory
by Greg Gombert
(via UK)

Native American Songs and
Poems: An Anthology

by Brian Swann (Editor)

Northern Haida Songs
by John James Enrico

New! Ojibwe Singers: Hymns, Grief,
and a Native Culture in Motion

by Michael McNally

The Power of Kiowa Song:
A Collaborative Ethnography

by Luke E. Lassiter
(via UK)

New! Repertoire, Authenticity, and
Instruction: American Indian Music
in Oklahoma's Elementary Schools

by Robert J. Damm

The Sacred Journey:
Prayers & Songs of Native America

by Peg Streep, Claudia Karabaic Sargent

Singing for Power: The Song Magic
of the Papago Indians of Southern Arizona

by Ruth Murray Underhill

Song of the Sky: Versions of
Native American Song-Poems

by Brian Swann, Barry O'Connell

Southern Cheyenne Women's Songs
by Virginia Giglio
(via UK)

Spirit of the First People: Native American
Music Traditions of Washington State

by Willie Smyth
(via UK)

A Study of Omaha Indian Music
by Alice C. Fletcher, Francis LA Flesche
(via UK)

Teton Sioux Music and Culture
by Frances Densmore
(via UK)

Trailhead of the American Indian Courting Flute
by Jeff Ball

War Dance:
Plains Indians Musical Performance

by William K. Powers
(via UK)

New! We'll Be in Your Mountains,
We'll Be in Your Songs: A Navajo Woman Sings

by Ellen McCullough-Brabson