The Whale erupts on assorted topics



The Whale's Favorite Song:

"Pass the Butter, Marie"
by Tubby Parkay & The Sticks


The Whale on Music:

"When I'm forced to endure a song on the radio while waiting for the hog futures report, I grumble, 'Get on with it!' The beat of my contracting intestines is all the rhythm I need.

"Some people get chills and weep when they listen to a piece of music. It would probably kill them to realize they're merely the mindless vessel of a crib-related physiological response rooted in the lullaby. And to those who gain smug intellectual satisfaction dissecting the structure and arrangement of a money-making tune, and then writing about it!, I say, try dissecting a chocolate-pumpkin cheesecake instead."


Contacting the Whale:

Complaints about the Whale's demeanor
should be sent directly to the Whale
at wahwrite@aol.com



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