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Black Music of Two Worlds, Revised Second Edition
by John Storm Roberts
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Global Pop: World Music, World Markets
by Timothy Dean Taylor
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Music of the Whole Earth
by Carol Reck, David Benedict Reck
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Popular Musics of the Non-Western World:
An Introductory Survey

by Peter Manuel
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Rhythm Planet: The Great World Music Makers
by Tom Schnabel, Brian Eno
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Traditional Songs of Singing Cultures
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The World Music CD Listener's Guide: The Best on CD
by Howard Blumenthal
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The Rough Guide to World Music, Vol. 1
Africa, Europe, and the Middle East

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New! The Rough Guide to World Music, Vol. 2
Latin and North America, Caribbean, India,
Asia and Pacific

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Rough Guide Weltmusik
auf Deutsch
by Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham, David Muddyman
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Books on Ethnomusicology

Comparative Musicology and Anthropology of Music:
Essays on the History of Ethnomusicology

by Bruno Nettl, Philip V. Bohlman (Contributor)
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Ethnomusicology and Modern Music History
by Stephen Blum, Philip V. Bohlam, Daniel M. Neuman
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Ethnomusicology: History, Definitions, and Scope
by Kay Kaufman Shelemay (Editor), Kay Kaufman Shelmay
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Music, Culture, and Experience: Selected Papers of John Blacking
by John Blacking, Reginald Byron (Editor), Bruno Nettl
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Musics of Many Cultures
by Elizabeth May
Book and audio cassette tape
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Study of Ethnomusicology
by Bruno Nettl
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