Afro-Baby (1978-79 West African pop)
Afro-Latin Party
African Salsa (Cuban music, African style)
Afro-Rock, Vol. One (Classic funk-rock from Africa)
Amnesty International 40th Anniversary (Ambient world music mix, 2 CDs)
Andanzas 2--More Songs of Latin America
Another World is Possible (sounds like a soap opera)
The Best of World Music
Anthology of American Folk Music(re-issue of 1952 folk music box)
The Big Bang (drumming) (box)
Brown Girl in the Ring (song games from the Eastern Caribbean)
Congo to Cuba (Cuban and African son-based pop)
Danza Latina (Latin American pop music)
Deep Polka(polka music from the Upper Midwest)
Electric Gyspyland
Festival in the Desert, (live concert of mainly Malian musicians)
Folk Masters (folk music from around the world)
Global Accordion - Early Recordings (vintage international accordion tracks)
Global Divas (songs by women of the world) (two cds)
Global Celebration (box) (world music from festivals and celebrations)
Global Meditation (box) (music from meditative traditions of the world)
Global Relaxation (four artists on four cds) (box)

Global Voices(box) (three-CD set of vocal music from around the globe)
Gypsy Caravan(music of the Roma)
The Gypsy Road (music of the Roma)
Harvest Song (book and cd)
The Higher Octave Collection: Music from Around the World for Around the Clock
Is It Rolling, Bob?(Vol. 1) (reggae artists do Dylan)
Jam Nation (world beat collaborations and experiments)
The Journey of Chris Strachwitz, Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Collection: 1960-2000
(five-CD set of American folk, Mexican traditional, and world music)
Nomad Christmas, A World Music Celebration
Out on the Rolling Sea (tribute to Joseph Spence)
Mali to Memphis (roots of the blues)
Manifestation (urban world beat and traditional world music)
Music of Central Asia (three releases)

Music from the Chocolate Lands
Musics of Many Cultures (companion flexi-discs to book of the same name)
Music of New Mexico: Hispanic Traditions
Music of the South Pacific
A New Groove (so you think you can dance?)
Nonesuch Explorer, Burkina Faso: Rhythms of the Grasslands
Nonesuch Explorer, Burkina Faso: Savannah Rhythms
Nonesuch Explorer, Burundi: Music from the Heart of Africa
Nonesuch Explorer, East Africa: Ceremonial and Folk Music
Nonesuch Explorer, East Africa: Witchcraft and Ritual Music
Nonesuch Explorer, Ghana: Ancient Ceremonies: Dance Music and Songs
Nonesuch Explorer Series, Island Songs and Dances
Nonesuch Explorer, West Africa: Drum, Chant and Instrumental Music
Planet Soup (world beat) (box)
Planet Squeezebox (world accordion music) (box)
Rolas de Aztlán (historical Chicano music)
Rough Guide to Boogaloo (worst Latin music ever?)
Rough Guide to Highlife
Rough Guide to the Music of the Alps
Rough Guide to the Music of Central Asia
Rough Guide to the Music of the Indian Ocean
Rough Guide to West Africa Gold
Rough Guide to World Music (originial companion to book of the same name)
Rough Guide to World Music, Volume One (companion to 2nd ed., Rough Guide, Vol. 1)
Rough Guide to Yodel
Roots Music (American roots music, bluegrass emphasis)
Salsa Creole (Francophone salsa)
Salsa, Merengue, Mambo! (Latin American pop)
Salsa Mundo (salsa from around the world)
The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. I. (early world music recordings)
The Secret Museum of Mankind, Vol. II (early world music recordings)
Shaman, Jhankri & Nele--Music Healers of Indigenous Cultures
Sif Safaa: New Music from the Middle East
The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan (music from Central Asia)
Songs of Innocence (world children's voices)
South Pacific Islands
Strictly Worldwide X3 (world music)
Squeeze Play: A World Accordion Anthology
The Time of Bells (Steven Feld) (sociology of bells worldwide)
The Time of Bells 3, Musical Bells of Accra, Ghana (Steven Feld)
Time of Bells 4, Steven Feld (sociology of bells worldwide)
Trance Planet (Volume One) (trance / ambient / Lo-Cal / etc.)
Trance Planet, Volume Two (trance / ambient / Lo-Cal / etc.)
Tribal Trancedance
A Week or Two in the Real World, Vol. 2 (world music)
World Psychedelic Classics 3: Love's a Real Thing; The Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa

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